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GuestSpy is among the most feature-rich spy software I’ve analyzed. GuestSpy is in the business of supplying cell phone spy software since 2005. It has the most advanced features available to help you spy on mobile cell phone use, and can be obtained on a wide range including iPad iPhone and Android.
In order to install GuestSpy, you will need to first root or jailbreak the target device.

GuestSpy lets you take a look at the complete mobile logs of the goal phone. You can:

– Look at all of the calls and date stamps to learn for how long and when each call was made.
– Get details are uploaded to your own online GuestSpy control panel which you can access from anywhere with a web connection. You are able to see the call logs by date or call time and also you may even export and download all records.
– Get
– All call logs like the phone numbers and contact names that the goal phone has communicated with.

Why You Need This Feature

Even when you can hear what someone is talking about, isn’t it all significant to learn exactly who they’re talking to? Wouldn’t you like to know who your kids have been chatting with? Could you want to make sure your workers are not discussing to match businesses behind your back? GuestSpy can ensure that you do as you could look with all of the details you will need at the complete call program of your goal telephone n’t have to imagine anymore.
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These features below are what set GuestSpy apart from your competition, and display only how strong this software may be.

(Password Cracker): This unique feature allows you to see all passwords entered on the phone. It is possible to see the particular passwords they use for applications, emails and societal messaging.
– Record Phone permits you to take charge in their telephone camera remotely to take graphics which then are uploaded to your account.
– Record Surroundings : You can even listen to it live while it’s occurring.

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